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SolidLove is a service that helps Christians throughout Scandinavia to find love, friends and partners. On our website, you can search among over 15,000 profiles.

Your faith and your life as a Christian affects everything – also when it comes to choosing a partner. It is more than just an “interest” or a “hobby”. That is why SolidLove is your preferred dating service.

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You have probably experienced how difficult it is to meet someone these days. Especially if you want a long-term relationship, a marriage and a family. Why waste time on someone who does not want the same as you?

We want to help you find the one that is worth your time. Therefore, we have made a service that is cheap, simple and gives you the opportunity to date under safe conditions.

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As a Premium member, you will be able to access other users' complete profiles, see who visits your profile and you will be able to send and receive messages. Your membership will be taken care of as long as you wish. There are no obligations or hidden fees.

The service is provided by the media group Mentor Media, which is also the publisher of the Christian newspapers Vårt Land in Norway and Dagen in Sweeden. We are committed to providing a safe and stable service to meet your needs.

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We are proud of all the friendships, relationships and marriages that started their journey on SolidLove. Now that you are ready, we are looking forward to helping you as well.

User Stories

Linda og pontus Blog up arrow 28022bc34ec3e516abd264aba66dbd0aaf769ca00daa8834ff14f0900f10d927

Linda and Pontus

03. November 2017

Found love at first click: - We are made for each other!

Johan o alexandra Blog up arrow 28022bc34ec3e516abd264aba66dbd0aaf769ca00daa8834ff14f0900f10d927

Alexandra og Johan

16. October 2017

When Johan first contacted Alexandra, it was the beginning of a beautiful fairytale.

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