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Linda and Pontus

Found love at first click: - We are made for each other!

Bjorn Bjørn J. Sørheim-Queseth
Linda (41) from Hårmånger and Pontus (42) from Uppsala both signed up to Solid Love hoping to find the love of their life. It did not take long before they noticed each other's profiles. Pontus sent Linda a heart.

«I fell in love the moment I saw her profile. Her presentation gave the impression of honesty and a good heart, something that turned out to be true».

Linda was so happy to receive a heart that she gave him a heart too. They started writing to each other and felt so close to each other that when they met, they were already a couple.

«The first date was amazing! We kissed straight away and everything just felt so right. We went for a walk and to a restaurant. And kissed all the time», says Pontus.

«We talked for hours and could not stay away from each other. We are made for each other. A fairytale-love that became a reality» ,says Linda.

Even when they were just chatting on Solid Love, they felt very similar. Everything just clicked. Their romance flourished and their love grew. They longed for each other, even before they met.

«First of all, we want to thank God for bringing us together. And thanks to Solid Love for helping us make the dream of true love a reality».
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